Our Staff

At The Architects our focus is on providing enjoyable and high quality dance classes to the Essex area. All of our staff are talented, passionate and enthusiastic dancers who are well trained in technique, teaching and choreography. Every member of staff has experience in the dance industry and can use this to inspire and motivate dancers at our studio. We are extremely dedicated to making your experience with The Architects one to remember!

Mathew Jones

Owner & Head Coach /Choreographer

Matt Jones has been training, coaching and choreographing in the dance industry for over 14 Years! He is hugely passionate about making a long lasting impact in the performing arts industry and is devoted to educating, developing and building dancers into hugely diverse and successful performers.

Matt was the founder of Team England HipHop and was their Head Coach for the FIVE years! Team England have successfully placed in the Top Ten at the ICU World Championships, in Orlando,for Five consecutive years and also placed 5th at the European Championships!

Matt has also competed in the IASF World Championships in Lyrical, Jazz & HipHop. He now coaches Worlds Teams at ADC and achieved his first GLOBE with Colossus in 2022 where they placed 3rd in the WORLD! ADC Have since gone on to achieve 3 more globes! 2 Bronze and this year were crowned Silver Champions in Coed HipHop!

Matt has also performed and taught at one of Europe's biggest dance exhibitions ‘MOVE IT’ Three times!

At the age of 20 Matt opened his own Cheerleading and Dance program - Oblivion Allstars. There, he achieved numerous Regional, National and Grand Champion titles and has taken 9 Teams to compete at the World Championships. Matt left OA to pursue his passion in dance where Architects Dance Co was born. ADC have already made an impact on the industry not only performing at prestigious awards events but also on live TV for ‘Blue Peter’

Matt also runs a successful choreography business ‘MaJor Edge’ which takes him all around the UK working with numerous teams and programs helping them develop and grow.

Matt has spent many years teaching dance and cheerleading in schools, colleges and universities, as well as being a fully qualified Varsity judge and proudly judges numerous competitions for ICC throughout the season where he is now ‘Head Judge’ for cheerleading and dance.

Callum Robertson

Jazz/Lyrical/Pom Team Coach & Choreographer

Callum has competed in the all star cheerleading and dance world for 17 years starting from level 1 up to level 5 and a number of dance styles and divisions.

During his time cheering he had the privilege of competing with Team England Coed Elite in 2017 and 2018 winning silver and gold with them and being crowned a WORLD CHAMPION. After this he decided to move to California where he cheered for the prestigious ‘California Allstars Smoed’

After finishing his last season of cheer he undertook a month of working for Spring Tumbling in Canada doing choreography, stunt camps and tumble clinics.

Since hanging up his cheer shoes Callum has decided to start dancing again which led him to join Architects. He competed at ISASF Dance Worlds 2022 in both Lyrical and Hip Hop, coming 5th and 3rd in the World! In 2023 Callum competed with three ADC Teams achieving another Bronze Globe in the Open Coed Elite HipHop Division. Callum took it up another level in 2024 performing with FIVE Worlds teams and competed in every style. He was crowned a Silver and Bronze Medalist as well as two top five and a top ten placing.

In 2024 Callum took on the task of Worlds Coach & Choreographer of our Jazz team Divinity. Under Callum’s guidance the team achieved Englands highest ever Jazz placing at Worlds - 5th place !!!! Callum also coaches our UK Jazz & Pom teams as well as our Elite Lyrical team Serenity.

Callum is the ultimate allstar athlete excelling in cheer and dance both as an athlete and a choreographer.

Lucy Moverley-Foster 

HipHop Team Coach/Choreographer

Lucy has been dancing since the age of four; training in Ballet, Tap and Jazz until she found her passion in HipHop when she was 14.

During her time at school she gained GCSE & A Level qualifications in Dance, choreographed numerous school productions, & was awarded the Jinny Huizar Dance Award in her last year. 6 years on, she now leads after school dance classes for the students there.

Lucy joined Architects in 2018 having never danced competitively before and was placed on two HipHop Worlds teams, with the next year being placed on a third.

Since then, she has gained herself an All Star Dance coaching qualification and is now the coach of three of our HipHop Teams Senior Coed Hiphop - Audacity, Open Coed HipHop Velocity and Junior HipHop Avalanche 

Lucy has competed at the IASF Dance Worlds four times far; with three bronze world champion placings (one of which she was captain for) and a Silver Medal in the Open Elite Coed HipHop Division. She also contributed choreography towards our Open All Girl HipHop Worlds routine helping them achieve 5th Place! 

Molly Farrow

Lyrical Team Coach & Choreographer

Molly began dancing from the age of three beginning her journey with ballet. She soon moved on to dancing and competing at competitions in styles such as contemporary, freestyle, street dance,Ballroom & Latin.Throughout her school years she achieved a grade 9 in GCSE dance and an A in A-level dance. 

She also studied performing arts where she achieved a Distinction. Because of this, she was given many exciting opportunities such as performing at the London Palladium and at Move It! 

Molly was one of the first members of Architects in 2018 starting out in lyrical where she worked hard to be placed on the 2019 worlds team. Molly then joined the ADC HipHop teams and has competed in many of the HipHop Worlds teams. 

Molly is a member of Colossus, who brought home ADC’s first ever globe in the Open Coed Elite HipHop division and again in 2023 where they defended their title. Returning to Worlds in 2024 Molly achieved both Silver and Bronze with her teams Colossus & Voodoo. Molly was also once again a member of the Open Lyrical/Contemporary Worlds team ‘Destiny’ who achieved an outstanding 5th place.  

Alongside competing,  Molly was given the role of a coach and has been coaching our UK Senior lyrical team - Radiance who she adores! They have had a fantastic season under Mollys guidance. She has most recently taken on the role of co-coaching our Open Lyrical team Odyssey and Junior Lyrical team Eternity 

Katie Dixon-Hodge

HipHop/Jazz Team Coach & Choreographer & Social Media 

Katie has been a part of the Architects Dance Company since the company began.  

Katie started performing at the age of 5 as a cheerleader until she found her passion in Dance.  

At school she studied dance and performing arts and gained a distinction in these subjects. Katie is now a graduate of Rom Theatre Arts.

Katie has competed both nationally and internationally and has competed at the ISAF World Championships four times. In 2019 as a Junior, and 2022 -2024 as a Senior. Katie had achieved numerous Top Ten placings up until 2024 where she achieved her dreams of competing with Colossus. She was crowned Silver medalist as well as Bronze medalist with Voodoo. She also captained our all girl team Storm who achieved Top 5. Katie also competed in Jazz & Pom in 2024. 

Katie coaches our Junior Jazz & Hiphop teams on a Friday night. She has also boosted our social media presence with a number of viral TikTok videos. 

Poppy Schooling

Hip Hop Team Coach & Choreographer

Poppy has been part of ADC since the beginning and has been part of the allstar cheer and dance world for 12 years. Starting as a cheerleader but then finding a passion for the competitive dance world in 2016.

In 2019 Poppy was given the opportunity to compete for the first ever Team England junior hiphop team at the ICU World championship, placing 5th in the World which for her was one of the most incredible experiences. 2019 was also the first year Poppy got to compete at the IASF World championships, in the junior division, for Architects where they qualified into the finals placing 13th. 

Poppy competed at the World championship for Colossus who placed 3rd in the World at the ISAF World championship in the coed hiphop division, and also Storm, all girl elite hiphop, placing in the top 10. Poppy made her return to Worlds in 2024 where she achieved Silver HipHop World Champion, Bronze HipHop World Champion, Top 5 for Jazz and captained her Pom Team into the Top Ten! 

Poppy is the coach of our Mini HipHop and Youth HipHop where she gets to help choreograph and create a fun environment for those who are the future of Architects alongside other coaches.

Ella Nutt

Lyrical/HipHop Team Coach & Choreographer

Ella has been dancing since the age of 3; training in ballet and tap.

Ella has now graduated from ‘Performers College’ and is excited to be starting her Degree Course at Wilkes Academy after a successful audition. 

Through her hard work and dedication at high school she received the Jinny Huizar award.

Ella has been at Architects right from the start,  and since then has had the opportunity to compete in the ICU world championships; in the first ever Team England junior hip hop team and has competed in the ISAF worlds four times. Ella brought home Colossus’ first ever globe and since has been a part of all globe winning teams as well as winning her Silver Medal. Ella has competed all styles of dance at Worlds achieving numerous Top 5 & Top Ten finishes. 

Ella currently coaches our youth lyrical and elite junior hiphop teams which she absolutely adores it and cannot wait to see them all blossom.

Brodie Love 

Pom/Jazz/Lyrical Team Coach & Choreographer

Brodie has been dancing since a very young age, training in various dance styles and cheerleading competing in numerous solos/duets and team competitions all over the country. Originally from Inverness, Scotland Brodie was a member of her Mum’s Dance program ‘Team Love Cheer’ and was also a part of JC Dance & Cheer Academy’s Glitter White Team for 4 years.

Brodie has been choreographing routines and solo’s/duo’s & trio’s back in Inverness for TLC since 2015. In 2018 she choreographed and co-coached their Junior Lyrical and Pom teams who attended The European Championships in Helsinki as that year’s Junior Team Scotland.

Brodie previously moved to Glasgow to study dance at ‘West College Scotland’ and then moved to Leicester to complete her educational studies and training at the prestigious ‘Addict Dance Academy’ being awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Dance.

Having joined Architects in 2021 she became a dancer on the our monthly Worlds lyrical team ‘Destiny’. Where the team achieved 5th in the World.

Brodie has since moved to Essex where she now coaches for ADC and has helped launch the first ever Architects Pom team - Rebellion. Brodie went on to win ADC’s first ever Pom Worlds bid and coached/choreographed this team into their Worlds debut in 2024. Rebellion achieved top ten in the World in only our second season of Pom - an incredible achievement under Brodies guidance. Brodie also coaches our UK Jazz & Pom teams as well as our Junior lyrical Team Eternity.

Brodie has now competed in the styles; Lyrical, HipHop, Pom and Cheer at World’s IASF and ICU. She is now a Silver and Bronze medalist and has achieved numerous Top 5 finishes. 

Emily Canning

Lyrical Coach & Choreographer

Emily began dancing from the age of three beginning her journey with ballet and modern. 

Throughout her school years she achieved a grade 6 in GCSE dance and an B in A-level dance. She also studied performing arts where she achieved a Distinction* in her GCSE’s and A-levels. During this time she was awarded Performing Arts Prefect where she demonstrated resilience and passion in her craft.

Emily is currently finishing her university degree at the University of East London studying in BA Performing Arts (Hons) and is on track on graduating September 2024 with First-class honours.

Emily has had many exciting opportunities such as performing at the London Palladium and working with The Walt Disney Company.

Emily joined the Architects dance company in 2019 where she stared as a Lyrical and Hiphop dancer. She has since broadened her skills to Pom and Jazz. Emily has competed with the company at Worlds 2024 placing 5th in Jazz, taking home the highest score for a UK Jazz team.

Emily began coaching journey this year and is currently coaching our youngest dancers - Dreamers. A team she adores and can’t wait to see there dance journey alongside her coaching journey.

Kelsey Mentesh 

Jazz Coach & Choreographer

Kelsey has been dancing since the age of 4 doing baby ballet. From 8 years old she began exploring acro which quickly became her favourite style. From the age of 9-12 she started competing solos & duos at ‘followyourdreams’ comps & ‘StarzUK’ with a local dance company in Chigwell in the styles of acro, lyrical and modern.

Kelsey had a small break from dance until she joined ADC in 2021. She began dancing lyrical with Radiance and Odyssey before branching out into hiphop teams. She found a love for HipHop and quickly progressed into an all rounder.

After unsuccessfully gaining a place on Worlds teams in 2023; Kelsey worked extremely hard and set an amazing example of never giving up on your dreams. In 2024 Kelsey attended the World Championships as a member of teams representing ALL four styles of dance. Three of her teams placed in the top five as well as a 9th place finish for Pom. 

Kelsey coaches our Youth Jazz Team ‘Infinity’ and is a fantastic role model for the younger dancers. 

Hayley Roberts 

Jazz Coach/Choreographer

Hayley began her dancing journey at the age of 3 in ballroom and latin. She then went on to join a hiphop group when she was 12 years old. 

She joined Architects Dance Co in 2021 during the COVID pandemic doing online classes. She took to the stage for the first time with ADC at Future Cheer International in Bournemouth with her teams Thunder and Voodoo. 

Her love for hiphop blossomed as she went on to join the World Championship teams for 2022, 2023 and 2024. Throughout this team she has achieved Top Ten, Top Five and most recently a BRONZE World Champion. 

She is also a dancer on our UK Jazz and Lyrical teams and is the proud co-coach of our Junior Jazz team Mystique.

Alize Boden

HipHop Coach & Choreographer

Alize has been dancing since the age of 5 dancing ballroom, contemporary & street. 

She has taken many UKA dance exams for ballroom and street as well as a GCSE in dance. 

She was also a finalist competing in UKA dance competition for duos hip hop. Alize has been competing in Allstar dance since she was 11 and has been with ADC since 2020 starting on the junior team Thunder. 

She worked hard to be place into 2 worlds teams in 2021 at the age of 14 and has continued to perform on these two teams for two more seasons. Alize was crowned a Bronze World Champion in 2024 with her HipHop team Voodoo. 

Alize was also part of the performance group who performed live on CBBC’s ‘Blue Peter’.

Alize is co-coach of our Mini Hiphop Team ‘Astro’.

Ella Toombs

Pom Coach & Choreographer

Ella has been dancing since she the age of 5 training in musical theatre doing a variety of genres such as jazz, tap and ballet before finding her love for hip hop when she was 13.

Ella attended west end kids from 2020-2023 where she performed in several shows.

Ella joined Architects in 2022 and was placed onto the Junior HipHop team Thunder. She went on to achieve National Champions with this team. 

She is now competing in our senior hiphop, jazz and Pom teams and is the co-coach of our Youth Pom team ‘Fury’